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Mispriced Art. LS Lowry RA (1887-1976)

Over a thirty year period famous UK artist LS Lowry has yielded returns of 16% per year. He is the market leader in Modern British art with good upside potential. Our econometric models valued “The Beach at Penarth” between GBP 200,000 – 250,000. At a London auction in 2004 it sold for a hammer price of GBP 130,000 a bargain price for the purchaser. Today the painting is worth over 10 times in excess of GBP 1.5 million.

There have been two art market recessions in the early 1990’s and in 2008 when prices fell substantially Uninformed buying has seen art sectors rise and fall sharply in value due to investors spending large sums on mediocre paintings by famous names

An art index takes a general reading of the art market.

We go DEEPER from general to SPECIFIC. We go across art sectors, schools and artists We source and negotiate the sale or purchase of a SPECIFIC art work.

Photo: Roger with LS Lowry paintings “The Beach at Penarth” and “Yacht at Lytham” (ex Sir Elton John)

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