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Buying and Selling Art Wisely

Over the years increased levels of capital and competition have energised the global art market.Uninformed buying, inflationary excesses of the late 1980’s propelled art prices to volatile levels. We refer to the art market when in reality there are art markets offering their own blend of risk & reward. Today art is more liquid with financial engineering such as art loans, auction sale advances and auction price guarantees

There are many who would like to be involved with art but find the cost, risk and learning curve barriers to entry. Even the most seasoned collector requires advice. Owning art gives great pleasure combined with potential financial reward

Confidence is the art market’s most precious commodity. This can be achieved through making art more widely accessible and understood.

Art Market Solutions is INDEPENDENT. We give objective impartial advice no conflict of interest. We have freedom to consider all options then adopt the right plan of action for you.

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