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We provide art buyer services as a result of the Covid-19 virus. We act as your agent in art transactions.

Art as an asset class has a stronger positive correlation with the price of gold than with other asset classes indicating that investors perceive art as an asset that retains its value rather than as an investment vehicle.Between art and other asset classes over
 a longer time span, European Old Masters and Impressionist Art display the lowest correlation.Collectors who resold within three years of purchasing were more likely to achieve outsized gains between 2014 and 2018 of 20%

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The acquisition of the highest quality master works is an art in itself. Often these works are never publicly offered for sale. Top quality art is an international currency and investment, immune from local market and economic conditions. Strong art investment returns show low negative correlation to equity markets making art a hedge investment if you are advised correctly. Museum quality works of art never go bankrupt unlike banks and companies.

We have pathways to masterpieces museum quality works of art and antiques from exceptional sources. Send us your wish list and investment requirements from Old Masters to Modern Masters. If you prefer to deal privately at lower cost to maximise your returns contact us. We deal with museum quality fine art at excellent prices discreetly without the public glare of the auction room.

The world of art and antiques is full of questions. It is difficult without years of expert knowledge and practical experience for the enthusiast to make the right decision.

We make your choice a wise one. We can advise or source works of art worthy of the connoisseur. We are your partners in excellence we transform the latest art market research into top performing art investments. Our focus is to offer outstanding value and service. Our services improve decision making, reduce risk and give our clients competitive advantage.


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We act on behalf of the art buyer. Auction houses act on behalf of the seller and offer little service to buyers. Auction houses act to achieve the highest selling price. There is a difference between art price and value, we advise on the optimal bid and so eliminate buyers remorse. We also inspect and survey art to make sure the art work is as described and value for money this is important when dealing with online art.

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