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Art Price Consultants

Market aligned customer & deal specific pricing. Through econometric methods we predict the impact of variables which effect the art market. We help achieve profit objectives. We test monitor and analyse art market systems. Data acquisition & control We accelerate discovery innovation and productivity.

Art is the investment of choice for those who seek alternative assets that offer risk adjusted returns uncorrelated with other assets.

Our aim is to help clients shape their own views

We are your must have one stop art consultant

When you spot art online at auction dealer or private sale we will remove buyer anxiety from making a wrong decision.Optimal art pricing, Actionable art sales strategy

For art buyers we provide

Independence, no conflict of interest.

  • Art Due Diligence
  • Pricing
  • Forecasting
  • Valuation
  • Investment analysis
  • Provenance checks
  • Condition checks
  • Physical Inspection
  • & Survey

Bespoke art Investment portfolios made & managed for YOU.

Our work is scientific advanced econometrics

Art Fake or Fortune? We spot mispriced art (over & underpriced) in the fine and decorative art markets.

We strongly advise buying expensive original art only after an independent inspection by us. The art market is known for its complexity and opacity. Art firms try to avoid publishing the price of an art work or exact value

Art auctions are becoming more opaque and not an open market. Art auction houses are similar to a private dealer. Do NOT over pay. Expensive art can be over priced. Get value for money. Get a good deal.

Our sophisticated data analysis and modeling tools improve knowledge, boost confidence. We break the mould of art insider knowledge to allow more people to enter and exit the art markets.

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