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Art Agency

We handle a wide range of art:

Contemporary art, Modern British art, Impressionist art, Modern art, Old Master Paintings, Chinese works of art, English & French furniture.We advise on the optimal amount to bid at auction. We can act as agents if you wish confidentiality You do not overpay or unsell art at auction + private sources. Roger is also an expert in Vintage & Rare Guitars originally for Christie’s. He has dealt with guitars once owned by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

Our mission is the provision of innovative art market solutions

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Auction houses and dealers are interested in achieving the highest selling prices and will usually be successful in not sharing their full insight with buyers.

The result is low or even no transparency at all.

In order to be efficient the market needs to be transparent

i.e. All information about the art work needs to be available to all consumers such as:

  • The history of ownership (provenance)
  • Authenticity and condition
  • Relevance within the artist’s oeuvre
  • Art historical significance
  • History of exhibitions
  • Museum shows
  • Art price history, investment analysis
  • Publications
  • Gives buyers confidence to make a purchase.

Art Financial Services : Art Loans

We arrange art loans secured against important works of art for collectors who may have immediate liquidity needs or who wish to release valuable capital from their collections for other purposes.

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We act in the best interests of the art buyer.


Spotting value for money, Art Surveyors and Consultants

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We act on behalf of the art buyer. Auction houses act on behalf of the seller and offer little service to buyers. Auction houses act to achieve the highest selling price.

There is a difference between art price and value, we advise on the optimal bid and so eliminate buyers remorse. We also inspect and survey art to make sure the art work is as described and value for money this is important when dealing with online art.

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